Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yuan Xu

Yuan Xu, author of The metabolic origins of non-photorespiratory CO2 release during photosynthesis: A metabolic flux analysis

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Associate, Department of Plant Biology, Michigan State University, Michigan, US

Education: Ph.D. in Plant and Microbial Biology, University of Minnesota, US; BS in Life Science, Peking University, China

Non-scientific Interests: reading, music

Brief bio: I am currently a post-doc in Dr. Yair Shachar-Hill’s lab at Michigan State University working on metabolic flux analysis (MFA) focusing on central carbon metabolism in plant leaf. In the current work, I used 13C metabolic flux analysis to address the source of non-photorespiratory CO2 release, also known as respiration in the light (RL). This release has long been assumed to come from tricarboxylic acid cycle associated reactions, but this work determines that these fluxes are insufficient to explain measured non-photorespiratory CO2 release in the light. Furthermore, these findings add support to this release occurring from oxidative pentose phosphate pathway activity in the light.




教育背景:明尼苏达大学植物与微生物学博士, 北京大学生命科学本科


个人研究简介:我在密歇根州立大学Yair Shachar-Hill课题组从事博士后研究,主要研究方向为代谢流分析,侧重于植物叶片中的中央代谢。在当前的工作中,我利用课题组开发的碳13代谢流分析方法来研究非光呼吸性二氧化碳释放的来源。长期以来一直认为这种释放来自三羧酸循环,但是这项研究证明三羧酸循环不足以解释非光呼吸性二氧化碳释放,而氧化戊糖磷酸途径很可能是这种释放的来源。