Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yinglin Ji

Yinglin Ji, first author of The Mechanism for Brassinosteroids Suppressing Climacteric Fruit Ripening

Current Position: Ph. D. candidate, College of Horticulture, Shenyang Agriculture University, Shenyang, China

Education: B.S. (2016)from Shenyang Agriculture University, Shenyang, China

Non-scientific Interests: reading, baking

Brief bio: In 2016, I joined the group of Prof. Aide Wang at Shenyang Agricultural University and applied for the postgraduate and doctoral studies in the same year, mainly engaged in the research on the molecular mechanism and regulation of climacteric fruit ripening. We found that brassinosteroids suppress the climacteric fruit ripening by activating the transcriptional inhibitor BZR1, which suppresses the ACO1 activity and transcription of ethylene-related genes, thereby reducing ethylene production. While studying for a Ph. D., I will continue to study the mechanism related to climacteric fruit ripening, hoping that we can reveal more wonderful stories about fruit development.