Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yingjie Ning

Yingjie Ning, co-first author of Heat Stress Interferes with Formation of Double-Strand Breaks and Homolog Synapsis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Education: Undergraduate student, majored in bioengineering, South-Central University for Nationalities

Non-scientific Interests: reading and travelling

Brief introduction: I joined in Bing Liu lab since June of 2019, and my focused research was to uncover the underlining mechanism controlling sensitivity and response of male meiosis and recombination to temperature alterations. We found that increase of environmental temperature can inhibit meiotic recombination by suppressing SPO11-dependent DSB formation and the organization of chromosome axis and synaptonemal complex. Meanwhile, I am working on two other projects, which try to understand the role of gibberellin in modulating meiosis in Arabidopsis, and the interactions among molecular factors involved in DSB formation and repair.