Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Yang Liu

Yang Liu, first author of An undiscovered facet of hydraulic redistribution driven by evaporation—A study from a Populus tomentosa plantation

 Name: Yang Liu

Current Position: Master student, the College of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, China

Education: Bachelor of Forestry science at Beijing Forestry University

Non-scientific Interests: Bodybuilding

Brief bio: I joined Prof. Benye Xi’s lab and started scientific research in 2016 when I was an undergraduate student in Beijing Forestry University. After that, it was fortunate for me to meet Prof. Brent Clothier (New Zealand) and Prof. Nadezhda Nadezhdina (Czech Republic), and invited them to be my co-supervisors. My research area is the tree water relation. Now, we have discovered a novel water transport phenomenon in plant root system – the hydraulic redistribution driven by evaporation: the water from the stump can be “circulated” in dry lateral root. This new root water transport pattern may be a crucial drought-resistance mechanism for plants to maintain the shallow root survival and activity by promoting root water recharge under extremely dry conditions.





个人简介:我在北京林业大学本科阶段的时候加入了席本野副教授的科研团队,开始接触科研。此后,我很幸运的认识了Brent Clothier院士(新西兰)和Nadezhda Nadezhdina教授(捷克)并申请他们成为了我的副导师。我的主要研究方向是树木水分生理。目前,我们发现了一种新颖的植物根系水分运输现象——蒸腾驱动的水力再分配(hydraulic redistribution):来自根桩的水分能够在干旱的侧根中“循环”。这种全新的根系水分传输模式可能是一种至关重要的植物抗旱机制,帮助植物在极端干旱的条件下通过补给根系水分来维持浅层根系的生存与活动