Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Xiaoming Song

Recognizing Plant Physiology first author Xiaoming Song, first author of Brassica carinata genome characterization clarifies U’s triangle model of evolution and polyploidy in Brassica

Current Position: Associate professor, School of Life Sciences, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan, Hebei, China

Education: Ph.D from College of Horticulture in Nanjing Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: writing, travelling

Brief bio: In June 2015, I graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University with a doctor’s degree in vegetable science and won the title of one hundred outstanding doctoral dissertations in Jiangsu Province. 2019.12-2020.12, as a visiting scholar in algae genomics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2019.12-now, as a postdoc in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. I am mainly engaged in genomics and bioinformatics research of horticultural crops (Brassicaceae, Apiaceae), including genomic analysis, genome-wide association analysis, evolutionary analysis, transcriptome, metabolome and multi-omics database platform construction of plants. I have published more than 60 SCI papers in Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology Journal, Horticulture Research and so on, which have been cited for over 1,000 times. I owned several projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Young Talents Program of the Department of Education. I am an associate editor of Vegetable Research journal, and editor of SCI journal Frontiers in Genetics and Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. In addition, I am a reviewer for several SCI journals, such as Horticulture Research, Frontiers in Plant Science, BMC Genomics and other related journals.






个人简介:2015年6月毕业于南京农业大学,获蔬菜学博士学位,并荣获江苏省百篇优秀博士毕业论文称号。2019.12-2020.12在美国内布拉斯加林肯大学作为访问学者进行藻类基因组学研究。2019.12-至今,在电子科技大学作为博士后进行研究。本人主要从事园艺作物基因组学及生物信息学研究,内容包括十字花科、伞形科等植物基因组分析、全基因组关联分析、进化分析、转录组、代谢组和多组学数据库平台搭建等。在Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology Journal和Horticulture Research等国际著名期刊发表SCI论文60余篇,累计引用上千次。主持国家自然科学基金、教育厅青年拔尖人才计划等多个项目。担任杂志Vegetable Research副主编,同时担任SCI杂志Frontiers in GeneticsFrontiers in Ecology and Evolution编辑。此外,还作为Horticulture ResearchFrontiers in Plant ScienceBMC Genomics等多个SCI期刊的审稿人。