Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Xiao Lin

Xiao Lin, co-first author of Analysis of Soybean Long Non-coding RNAs Reveals a Subset of Small Peptide-Coding Transcripts

Current Position: PhD candidate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Education: PhD in Biochemistry (2020), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Non-scientific Interests: Our daily lives are heavily relied on plastic products nowadays, parts of which may ultimately pollute our ocean. I have been an active member involved in ProjectAWARE, for which our team has adopted a coastal site in Hong Kong and collecting underwater trash monthly. For the past years, we have witnessed the dramatic increase of plastic wastes at the site. I understand it is impossible to remove all the plastic waste. It is now all the more important to let everyone be aware of the issue and reduce the use of plastics.

Brief bio: I received my post-graduate training in Prof. Ting-Fung Chan’s lab as a bioinformatician skilled in most of the essential molecular biology techniques. During my study, I have made use of transcriptomic and proteomic techniques to explore both the coding and non-coding genomic regions, trying to better identify the transcriptional and translational landscape of RNAs. I am also interested in using genomic techniques to understand genotype-phenotype relationships and using single-cell RNA-seq to study biological responses to diseases, not limited to plants but also involving mammalian species. In the era of the emerging long-read sequencing techniques, I am trying to focus more on using long-read DNA-seq to resolve complicated genomic regions and long-read RNA-seq to better quantify gene expression at the transcript level.