Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Shu-Yi Yang

Shu-Yi Yang, first author of uORF and Phosphate-Regulated Expression of Rice OsNLA1 Controls Phosphate Transport and Reproduction

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Plant Biology, National   Taiwan University

Education: PhD, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Non-scientific Interests: novels reading, movies watching, piano playing, and mountain hiking

Brief bio: Shu-Yi Yang is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Plant Biology, National Taiwan University. She has expertise in plant nutrient signaling and acquisition and plant–microbe interactions. She received her bachelor and master degrees from the Department of Botany at National Taiwan University and PhD degree from the Department of Plant Molecular Biology at University of Lausanne in 2012. During her PhD work and following 1-year postdoc at University of Cambridge, she focused on investigating the molecular mechanism essential for arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis in rice, which resulted in one first-author publication in The Plant Cell and three co-authored publications in PNAS, Science and Nature Communications. During her postdoc at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, she focused on investigating how plants regulate phosphate (Pi) storage and uptake and resulted in two co-first author publications in Nature Communications and Journal of Experiment Botany and one first-author publication in Plant Physiology. She became Assistant Professor in 2019 and will continue revealing how two important crop plants, rice and tomato, regulate AM symbiosis and Pi signaling.