Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Ruohan Xie

Ruohan Xie, first author of Seasonal zinc storage and a strategy for its use in buds of fruit trees

Current Position: PhD student, College of Environmental & Resource Science, Zhejiang University, China

Education: Ph.D. in College of Environmental & Resource Science of Zhejiang University, China; Visiting scholar in Department of Plant Sciences of UC Davis, USA; Bachelor in College of resources and environmental sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific interest: painting, reading, ACG, psychology

Brief bio:  From the early years in Nanjing Agricultural University, where I experienced my first “plant nutrition” course, I realized that plants were very important to human beings and fascinating organisms to study. Later, I was lucky enough to continue exploring the plant kingdom by being a graduate student in Zhejiang University. I started my scientific research from investigating the phytoremedation of heavy metal polluted soils and tried to understand the translocation and detoxification of cadmium in sedum alfredii, a hyperaccumulator native to China. Presently, my Ph.D. thesis mainly focused on the zinc nutrition in fruit crops, a very important but not well understood topic. I work on the mechanisms of zinc homeostasis during the seasonal cycles of deciduous plant growth and dormancy, and explore how do woody plants respond to zinc shortage. This is an interesting journey, the best thing I obtained is to learn how to see the big world through a tiny plant. I decide to pursue it as a career after my graduation, and try my best to expand the boundary of human knowledge of plant science.