Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Patrick Willems

Patrick Willems, first author of Contemporary proteomic strategies for cysteine redoxome profiling

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher in the group of Prof. Frank Van Breusegem, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Ghent, Belgium

Education: M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Ghent University, Belgium

Non-scientific Interests: taking care of three kids and doing sports in the spare time I have left

Brief bio:  I obtained my masters degree at Ghent University after studying cold stress signaling in plants for six months in the Vaughan Hurry lab in Umeå (Sweden). In 2013, I researched plant abiotic stress signaling during my PhD in the oxidative stress signaling group of Frank Van Breusegem in collaboration with the proteomics group of Kris Gevaert. This led to multiple first author papers and several co-authorships, mostly entailing integrative –OMICS analysis of transcriptome, proteome or other datasets. As a postdoc, I was shortly active in the proteogenomic annotation of Salmonella. More recently, I am focusing on studying post-translational modifications (PTMs) in plants. Recent published work on this topic incudes the characterization of S-sulfenylation at a site-specific level in Arabidopsis and the development of an integrative plant PTM database ‘The Plant PTM Viewer’. The bridging theme in my research is to make new biological discoveries from large (multomics data to understand and improve plant stress tolerance.


姓名:Patrick Willems

现在职位: 博士后研究员,就职于Frank Van Breusegem实验室,法兰德斯生物科技中心植物系统生物学中心

教育经历: 比利时根特大学生物化学与技术硕士,博士

兴趣爱好: 有娃之前,攀岩,旅行,徒步,野营,滑板; 有娃之后,带娃,做家务,逛动物园…

简介:Patrick Willems 于2012年取得了根特大学生物化学与技术硕士学位,硕士期间他曾在瑞典于默奥大学的Vaughan Hurry 实验室进行了六个月的针对植物冷胁迫信号的科研研究。2013年,Patrick Willems开始了在Frank Van Breusegem和Kris Gevaert实验室的联合博士学习。在攻读博士学位期间, Patrick Willems专注于利用生物信息学技能对植物中非生物胁迫信号转导过程中蛋白质组和基因组的相关变化, 并以第一作者的身份多次在国际认可高影响因子的植物学期刊上发表文章。Patrick Willems 近期的研究专注于植物在氧化应激后蛋白质翻译后修饰,包括对拟南芥中特定半胱氨酸位点水平的S-亚磺酰化的鉴定和定量,和对集成植物蛋白质翻译后修饰数据库“ The Plant PTM Viewer”的开发。Patrick Willems 的研究兴趣在于利用生物信息学作为研究工具从大量的分子生物组学数据中获得新的生物学发现,以理解和提高植物的耐逆性。