Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Maria A. Fernandez

Maria A. Fernandez, first author of RBR-type E3 ligases and the Ub-conjugating enzyme UBC26 regulate ABA receptor levels and signaling

Current  Position:  PhD candidate (FPU fellowship) in Dr. Pedro Rodriguez´s lab, at the Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas (IBMCP-CISC)

Education: BSc in Food Science and Technology at the UCAM University (Murcia) and MSc in Biotechnology at the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH, Alicante)

Non-scientific interest: decoration, reading, fossil, traveling, spending time with my daughter, family and friends

Brief bio: I have always been interested in biology and working in biological sciences has always been my professional goal. As in research, where you start with an idea and it evolves to discover new things, my passion to contribute to the knowledge in this field has also evolved.  I started my career as a technician in the Dr. Pedro L. Rodríguez’s lab and, thanks to this, I discovered the fascinating world of molecular biology of plants.  Initially, my work focussed on receptors within the abscisic acid signaling pathway (ABA) and their response to water stress.  This work stimulated my interest in biology further and encouraged me to pursue a career in Plant Sciences.  I am currently completing a doctorate characterising the post-translation modification of ABA receptors by E3 ligases (RBR) and how this contributes to their function. With the publication of this article, I describe the findings of my Ph.D.  Moving forward, I can now begin my post-doctoral career and embrace the challenges of post-doctoral studies.


现任职务:博士研究生候选人(FPU奖学金资助)。植物分子与细胞生物学研究所 (IBMCP-CISC, Spain),Dr. Pedro Rodriguez的实验室中工作

教育经历:UCAM 大学 (Universidad Católica de Murcia)食品科学与技术理学学士。UMH 大学(Miguel Hernandez University)生物技术理学硕士。


简介:我对生物学有浓厚的兴趣,从事生命科学研究一直是我向往的职业生涯。 如同研究常常从一个初始的构想或兴趣渐渐发展成一个全新的事物或认知,我对致力于生物学知识的热情也一步步发展着。我从Pedro L. Rodríguez博士的实验室技术员开始了我的研究生涯,从此我发现并爱上了植物分子生物学这个新世界。起初我工作的重点是脱落酸信号传导途径(ABA)中的受体及其对水分胁迫的响应。这项工作进一步激发了我对生物学的兴趣,并鼓励我从事植物科学事业。现在我正在攻读博士学位,研究以表征E3连接酶(RBR)对ABA受体进行翻译后修饰的过程,以及该过程如何影响其功能。