Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Flora Hetherington

Flora Hetherington, first author of Lateral root inhibition in response to K+-deprivation in Arabidopsis is mediated by gibberellin signalling

Current Position: Senior Manager, Global Food Security Programme, UKRI

Education: BSc in Botany, University of Bristol; PhD, Durham University

Non-scientific Interests: hill walking, painting, visiting art exhibitions

Brief bio: I studied Botany at the University of Bristol then completed my PhD at the Durham University in plant developmental biology in the lab of Prof. Keith Lindsey, focusing on how plants respond to nutrient deficiency in the soil. After my PhD I took up a role as N8 Agrifood Knowledge Exchange Fellow at Durham University, working at the interface between the research community and partner organisations, specifically in the area of sustainable food production, aiming to help accelerate new projects and amplify the social and economic impact of the research insights generated within the programme. I then moved to my current role in UKRI, which is a major UK research funder. I am particularly interested in the impacts of climate change on crop production and the importance of taking a food systems approach.