Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: András Sándor

András Sándor, first author of IntEResting structures: formation and applications of organised smooth endoplasmic reticulum in plant cells

Current Position: DPhil Student at the University of Oxford, Department of Plant Sciences, United Kingdom

Education: MSci in Genetics at University College London, United Kingdom

Non-scientific Interests: board games, Squash, Krav Maga

Brief bio: As an undergraduate, I became interested in the practical side of biology and quickly gravitated towards synthetic biology, completing my masters project in the Pinheiro Lab at UCL, focusing on protein engineering to build the toolkit needed for an XNA genome. Subsequently I started pursuing a DPhil at the University of Oxford, as part of the Synthetic Biology CDT, and joined the Sweetlove group to work on creating and functionalising a synthetic compartment in plant cells.