Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: An-Shan Hsiao

An-Shan Hsiao, first author of An Intrinsically Disordered Protein Interacts with Cytoskeleton for Adaptive Root Growth under Stress

Current Position: Postdoctoral scientist, University of Cambridge, UK


PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, The University of Hong Kong

M.Sc. in Plant Biology, National Taiwan University

B.Sc. in Life Science (formerly Botany), National Taiwan University

Non-scientific Interests: travelling, hiking, jogging, and photography

Brief bio: In my first biology class, the story of using genetic engineering to produce insulin inspired me to be a scientist. Compared with other non-academic jobs I had been working on, basic research is a fascinating world. In Academia Sinica, I benefited from excellent scientists in different fields and learned various technologies in cell biology and biochemistry/biophysics to complete this paper. The idea of Prof. Kuan Wang initiated this study of plant intrinsically disordered proteins and foster communication across fields of plant and animal biology. Hence, I would like to work broadly and build up interdisciplinary collaboration to facilitate plant research. In the future, no matter which project I am working on, never forget the joy of science!


第一作者: 蕭安珊

目前職位: 英國劍橋大學, 博士後研究員


香港大學, 植物分子生物學, 博士

國立台灣大學, 植物科學研究所, 碩士

國立台灣大學, 生命科學系(原植物系併入), 學士

興趣嗜好: 旅遊, 健行, 慢跑, 攝影

個人簡歷: 在我人生第一堂生物課, 利用遺傳工程產生胰島素的故事鼓舞了我成為一個科學家. 與其他我曾經從事過的非學術性工作相比, 基礎研究是個迷人的世界. 在中研院, 我受益於不同領域的傑出科學家們並習得細胞生物/生物化學/生物物理學的諸多技術以完成這篇論文. 王寬教授的構想啟發了此植物固有無序蛋白質的研究並促進了植物與動物生物學之間跨領域的交流. 因此我想寬廣地工作並建立跨學科的合作以利植物學研究. 未來無論從事任何課題, 我都不該忘記科學研究的快樂.