Recognizing Plant Physiology authors: Alecia Biel

Alecia Biel, first author of A role for plant KASH proteins in regulating stomatal dynamics

Current Position: PhD student, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Education: BS in Biology at Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA

Non-scientific Interests: reading sci/fi fantasy novels, strength training, traveling and, most importantly, my daughter and husband

Brief bio: As a first generation college student, I have always been self-motivated. I am fascinated by the complex signaling pathways that underlay development of all living things. My research interests have taken me through mouse labs trying to understand stem cell development, to work with neonatal infants and their abilities to regulate the complexities of the aerodigestive tract. Currently, my dissertation work focuses on how plant nuclear envelope proteins, SINE1 and SINE2, are able to perceive environmental stresses and coordinate guard cell dynamics.