Recognizing Plant Physiology author Yeling Zhou

Yeling Zhou (周叶玲), first author of In vivo FRET-FLIM reveals ER-specific increases in the ABA level upon environmental stresses

Current Position:

Senior Researcher in Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China


PhD in Phytopathology, Utrecht University, the Netherland.

MSc in Landscape Plants and Horticulture, BSc in Agriculture, Northwest A&F University, China.

Non-scientific Interests:

Reading, travel

Brief bio:

After graduating from the master programme on tulips, I joined the Plant-Microbe Interactions group in Utrecht University in the Netherlands. There, with the great help from Prof. Corné Pieterse, Dr. Peter Bakker and Dr. Saskia van Wees, I worked on how atmospheric CO2 affects plant defense against foliar and soilborne pathogens and obtained my Doctoral degree in May 2016. Then I came back to China and worked as a postdoc in Prof. Liang Jiansheng’s Lab at the Biology faculty of Southern University of Science and Technology. Here we have been studying on cellular ABA homeostasis during plant stress responses. We are interested in how ABA is redistributed in different subcellular compartment upon environmental stresses. Utilizing the newly developed nanobody-based membrane targeted ABA sensors, we have shown a direct linkage of environmental stimuli with organellar-specific ABA perturbations. Currently we are searching for novel components involved in stress-induced subcellular ABA homeostasis and signaling using our targeting toolkits.










个人简介:硕士毕业后我加入了荷兰乌特勒支大学植物微生物互作课题组。我研究的课题是全球气候变暖背景下二氧化碳浓度上升对植物防御反应的影响。在Corné Pieterse教授,Peter Bakker博士和Saskia van Wees博士的帮助下,于2016年5月拿到了博士学位。回国后我在南方科技大学生物系梁建生课题组作为博士后继续植物抗逆性方面的研究。我们课题组的一个主要研究方向是植物逆境条件下细胞ABA动态平衡的调控机制。比如,环境胁迫条件下ABA在不同细胞器之间是如何重新分配的。为此,我们利用纳米抗体技术研发出膜特异性靶向的ABA感应器,并展示了不同环境胁迫触发细胞器特异性(内质网)ABA水平的动力学机理。目前,我们正利用这一系列靶向工具,探索胁迫诱导的ABA在不同组织以及不同细胞器之间的活动,以期发现调控ABA动态平衡和通路的新成员。