Recognizing Plant Physiology author Xiaoyu Qiang

Xiaoyu Qiang, co-first author of Susceptibility factor RTP1 negatively regulates Phytophthora parasitica resistance via modulating UPR regulators bZIP60 and bZIP28

Current Position:

Associate professor, College of Agronomy, Northwest A&F University, China


2010: Dr. rer. nat. in Biology (PhD, Summa cum laude = with highest honor); Institute of Phytopathology, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen, Germany

Non-scientific Interests: I enjoy reading, swimming, and learning about different cultures.

Brief bio:

During my PhD, I studied molecular mechanisms of cell death in the colonization of plant root by mutualistic fungal symbiont Piriformospora indica under the supervision of Prof. Karl-Heinz Kogel and Dr. Patrick Schäfer at University of Giessen, Germany. With strong interest, I did a post-doc in the lab of Dr. Alga Zuccaro at Max-Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology and University of Cologne working on the functional characterization of extracellular ATP during the compatible interaction between plant root and Piriformospora indica. In 2016, I joined the group of Prof. Weixing Shan at Northwest A&F University, as an associate professor. My current research mainly focuses on the genetic dissection of plant resistance against Phytophthora and the regulatory mechanisms of plant stress signaling pathway. In addition, my main tasks include teaching and supervision of research students.



目前职位:西北农林科技大学 农学院 副教授




我在德国吉森大学攻读博士期间的主要研究工作是根部内生真菌侵染拟南芥根部引发的细胞死亡机制研究。博士后期间,主要从事内生真菌分泌的小分子蛋白的鉴定与功能研究。2016年任职于西北农林科技大学农学院,并加入单卫星教授研究团队,主要从事晚疫病抗性分子生物学基础及遗传机制解析以及植物逆境信号通路及调控机制等研究。在本研究中,我们揭示了植物感病因子RTP1通过调控内质网应激信号通路中的关键膜结合转录因子bZIP60 和bZIP28,进而负调节植物免疫功能的作用机理。