Recognizing Plant Physiology author Muhammad Uzair

Muhammad Uzair, co-first author of Narrow Leaf21N, Encoding Ribosomal Protein RPS3A, Controls Leaf Development in Rice

Current Position: Freelancer

Education: Ph.D. , Crop Genetics & Breeding, Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;  M.Sc., Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Non-scientific Interests: Music, Cricket

Brief bio: I am mainly engaged in studies on leaf development and particularly interested in  cloning new genes regulating leaf width development. Supported by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), I carried out my Ph.D study under the supervision of Prof. Xueyong Li  at Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Using the rice narrow leaf 21 (nal21) mutant as material, we cloned the NAL21 gene which encodes the ribosome small subunit protein RPS3A. Then we revealed that RPS3A regulates leaf width through uORF-mediated translational regulation of seveal auxin response factors (OsARF 11 , OsARF16)  and  the key regulator of leaf blade lateral expansion (OsWOX3A). This study revealed the regulatory role of ribosome proteins in rice leaf development.


姓名:Muhammad Uzair


教育经历: 中国农业科学院作物科学研究所作物遗传育种专业博士;巴基斯坦费萨拉巴德农业大学植物遗传育种专业硕士

兴趣爱好: 音乐,板球

简介: 我主要从事叶片发育研究,尤其是对克隆调控叶片宽度的新基因感兴趣。在中国留学基金管理委员会(CSC)的资助下,我在中国农业科学院作物科学研究所李学勇教授指导下开展了博士学位论文的研究。以水稻窄叶突变体nal21为遗传材料, 我们克隆了调控叶片宽度的NAL21基因,该基因编码核糖体蛋白小亚基组分RPS3A。进一步研究发现,RPS3A通过上游开放阅读框(uORF)在翻译水平上调控多个生长素响应因子(如OsARF 11 , OsARF16)和叶片侧向扩展关键转录因子OsWOX3A的表达,进而调控叶片的宽度。该项研究揭示了核糖体蛋白对植物叶片发育的调控功能并初步阐明了其作用机理。