Recognizing Plant Physiology author Meiling Liu

Meiling Liu, co-first author of AtLURE1/PRK6-Mediated Signaling Promotes Conspecific Micropylar Pollen Tube Guidance

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Bioland Laboratory, Guangzhou, China

Education: Ph.D. Degree: Peking University

Master Degree: China Agricultural University

Bachelor Degree: Shandong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: travel

Brief bio: I joined College of Life Sciences at Peking University in 2015 for my doctoral degree under the direction of Prof. Li-Jia Qu. My Ph.D. project focused on the molecular mechanisms of small peptides involved in pollen tube guidance in Arabidopsis thaliana. In our previous Science paper in which I served as a co-first author, we reported that AtLURE1/PRK6-mediated signaling promotes conspecific pollen tube precedence by accelerating emergence of own pollen tubes at the septum from the transmitting tract in A. thaliana, thus promoting reproductive isolation from related species. In this Plant Physiology paper, we report that, in addition to the function at the septum, AtLURE1/PRK6-mediated signaling also promotes conspecific pollen tube guidance at the micropyle, representing an additional prezygotic isolation barrier.



教育背景:北京大学,博士; 中国农业大学,硕士; 山东农业大学,本科


个人简介:我于2015年加入北京大学生命科学学院瞿礼嘉教授实验室攻读博士学位,期间主要研究小肽信号参与拟南芥花粉管导向的分子机制。我们前期的研究发现,AtLURE1/PRK6介导的信号通路可以通过加速拟南芥自身的花粉管优先穿出引导组织的隔膜(同种花粉优先),从而促进与近缘物种产生生殖隔离。在这篇Plant Physiology文章中,我们关注AtLURE1/PRK6介导的信号通路在花粉管穿出隔膜之后的珠孔导向阶段的作用,我们发现该信号通路也可以促进同种花粉管优先进入珠孔,因此作为另外一道屏障进一步促进与近缘物种的生殖隔离。