Recognizing Plant Physiology author Jiangzhe Zhao

Jiangzhe Zhao, co-first author of Phloem unloading via the apoplastic pathway is essential for shoot distribution of root-synthesized cytokinins

Current position: Assistant Professor, College of Life Science and Chemistry, Zhejiang Normal University

Education: BSc in Biological Science and PhD in Botany (Nanjing Agricultural University, NAU)

Non-scientific Interests: Running, Reading, Movies.

Brief Bio: In 2008, I started my PhD in Botany in NAU, in the group of Prof. Wenhua Zhang. My research interest was lipid metabolism in Arabidopsis and soybean. After got my PhD in 2014, I joined in Prof. Kewei Zhang’s group at Zhejiang Normal University. My research interest is phytohormone transportation. In this work, we found that AtABCG14-mediated phloem unloading via the apoplastic pathway is essential for the shoot distribution and long-distance translocation of root-synthesized cytokinins from the root to the shoot through the xylem. We proposed a model that AtABCG14 serves as a cytokinin exporter for both xylem loading and phloem unloading, synchronizing root loading and shoot distribution of root-synthesized cytokinins. This model may represent a generic mechanism for the distribution of other shootward plant growth regulators or nutrients, and this should be explored in the future.

Previously, we have characterized rice OsABCG18 which is responsible for shootward long-distance transport of cytokinins and grain yield ( In addition, we have set up a new approach for assaying hormone transporter activity using transient expression tobacco system and LC-MS/MS technology. This method will contribute to the functional characterization of phytohormone transporters (