Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Sébastien Bélanger

Sébastien Bélanger, first author of The commitment of barley microspores into embryogenesis correlates with miRNA-directed regulation of members of the SPL, GRF and HD-ZIPIII transcription factor families

Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Education: PhD in Plant Sciences at Université Laval (Québec, Canada)

Non-scientific Interests: cooking, collecting insects and reading novels

Brief bio: In my PhD research, I studied gametic embryogenesis in barley focusing on the transcriptional regulation of the microspore transition from gametic to embryogenic development. I also characterized, at a genomic level, segregation distortion arising during microspore culture. In 2019, I joined in the laboratory of Blake Meyers as a postdoctoral scientist to pursue research in barley, bread wheat and other cereals. I developed an interest in male fertility/sterility during my postdoctoral research. My current work studies fundamental aspects of small RNA pathways in cereals, with the aim to regulate male fertility/sterility under specific growth conditions. Ultimately, I want to develop innovative approaches to produce conditional male-sterile lines and use these for hybrid production in barley, oat and wheat, with the overarching goal of boosting yields.


姓名: Sébastien Bélanger

当前职位: Donald Danforth植物科学中心博士后

教育背景: 加拿大魁北克Laval大学博士学位

兴趣爱好: 厨艺, 昆虫标本制作,读小说。

简介: 我的博士工作从事大麦配子体胚胎发生方面的研究,主攻小孢子从配体到胚胎发育的转录调节,以及小孢子离体培养过程中基因偏分离的基因组学分析。 2019年, 我作为博士后加入 Blake Meyers的实验室,研究大麦、面包用小麦和其他禾本科作物。在博士后研究期间, 我对花的雄性生殖产生了浓厚的兴趣。我的现有工作是通过研究谷物中小分子RNA信号途径来控制特定生长条件下的雄性生殖。我希望利用生物技术开发特定生长条件下的雄性不育系,以培育高产优质的杂交大麦、燕麦和小麦,进一步解决日益严峻的粮食安全问题。