Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Rumen Ivanov

Rumen Ivanov, co-first author of Mobility and localization of the iron deficiency-induced transcription factor bHLH039 change in the presence of FIT

Current position: Senior Researcher, Institute of Botany, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany

Education: National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria; M.Sc. in Molecular Biology, St. Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia, Bulgaria; PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Non-scientific interests: exploring distant lands, hiking, photography

Brief bio: I am a passionate molecular biologist interested in understanding how plants communicate with and respond to their environment. During my postdoctoral training in the lab of Thierry Gaude in Lyon, France, I was introduced to the colorful world of intracellular protein mobility. I have since used this experience to search for the mechanisms of plant resistance to environmental change. Together with my colleagues, we address basic biological questions of rebalancing plant nutrient homeostasis as well as finding potential applications of this knowledge in agriculture.