Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Jane Fudyma

Jane Fudyma, first author of Untargeted metabolomic profiling of Sphagnum fallax reveals novel antimicrobial metabolites

Current Position: Research Specialist & Laboratory Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Education: BS (Hons) General Science, Biology/Chemistry Concentrations, 2013

Non-Scientific Interests: Live music, rock climbing, skiing, soccer

Brief Bio: I am fascinated by both abiotic and biotic factors in soil/water and the interplay between microbes and their ecosystem – this dual approach has driven my extensive background in environmental microbiology. I spent five years working for a bioremediation company that used bacteria to treat heavy metals and inorganics from contaminated mining site waters and sediments. My current work pairs organic matter metabolomics of soil ecosystems with biotic factors to link microbial processes to shifts in organic matter composition and greenhouse gas emission. I will be pursuing my Ph.D. in in soil virology (Fall 2020) to expand upon my previous microbiology knowledge and probe at how soil viruses impact C dynamics in complex soil systems.