Recognizing Plant Direct authors: Bhuvan Pathak

Bhuvan Pathak, first author of Recombinase-mediated integration of a multigene cassette in rice leads to stable expression and inheritance of the stacked locus

Current Position:  Program Associate, University of Arkansas

Education: PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology (2019) – University of Arkansas; MS in Agronomy (2010) – University of Florida;  BS in Botany (2002) – Sardar Patel University, India

Non-scientific Interests: cooking, embroidery, meditation, writing poems

Brief bio: The current article was a  part of my doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Vibha Srivastava at University of Arkansas. In this study, we showed that stacking of multiple genes using Cre-lox recombination at a pre-defined target site in rice leads to a stable expression and inheritance of the genes without undergoing silencing in the subsequent generations. Currently, I am working as a Program Associate in the Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences department at University of Arkansas.