Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Tatyana Radoeva

Tatyana Radoeva, first author of A robust auxin response network controls embryo and suspensor development through a bHLH module

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biochemistry, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands

Education: PhD, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands; MSc Industrial Biotechnology, Sofia University, Bulgaria

Non-scientific Interests:  Traveling, reading, blogging, fashion & beauty

Brief bio: I had a very nice and enjoyable Erasmus experience during which I did my Master thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. Dominique Van Der Straeten, at Ghent University in Belgium. During this thesis, I focused on interactions between brassinosteroids and ethylene during negative gravitropism in Arabidopsis thaliana and I fell in love with plant research. Shortly after I obtained my Master Degree, I moved to the Netherlands and was lucky to start working on a PhD project in the group of Prof. dr. Dolf Weijers at Wageningen University & Research. In this project, I studied how embryo formation can be induced in plants using the suspensor-derived embryogenesis as a model. Subsequently, I got the opportunity to continue my scientific career as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the same group to further investigate the fascinating development plasticity of plant cells.