Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Li-Qing Zhang

Li-Qing Zhang, co-first author of Mutual regulation of receptor-like kinase SIT1 and B’κ-PP2A shapes the early response of rice to salt stress

Current position: Ph.D. Candidate, College of Life Science, Hebei Normal University, Hebei Key Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Key Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Ministry of Education, Hebei Collaboration Innovation Center for Cell Signaling

Non-scientific Interests: writing brush, badminton

Brief bio: I transferred from bioengineering as an undergraduate to cell biology as a graduate, and from applied research to theoretical research, which aroused my great interest in the exploration of the micro world. I am engaged in the research on the mechanism of rice receptor kinase involved in salt stress from September 2012 in the institute of molecular and cell biology, Hebei Normal University.