Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Ivan Reyna-Llorens

Ivan Reyna-Llorens, co-first author of Genome-wide transcription factor binding in leaves from C3 and C4 grasses

Current Position: Post Doctoral Research Associate in the group of Prof. Julian Hibberd, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

Education: PhD in Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, BSc in Biology and MSc in Biochemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Non-scientific Interests: I enjoy literature (non-scientific), movies and theatre (non-scientific), food and sports.

Brief bio: I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology from UNAM by studying how seeds sense changes in water and temperature in preparation for germination. After germinating from my bachelor’s, I became very interested in learning how plants respond to abiotic stress. This led me to the field of root biology where I did a Master’s focusing on Aluminium tolerance and accumulation in buckwheat. Finally, I emerged from the soil-based plant physiology to pursue a PhD studying photosynthesis, more specifically the very efficient C4 pathway. During my PhD and postdoc, I have been working to understand how the pathway has evolved and how it is regulated at the genetic level so that we can integrate some of its features into less efficient crops carrying the C3 pathway. I hope my work can contribute to improve the way we produce our food.