Recognizing Plant Cell first authors: Daoquan Xiang

Daoquan Xiang, co-first author of The Transcriptional Landscape of Polyploid Wheats and their Diploid Ancestors during Embryogenesis and Grain Development

Current Position: Research Officer, Principal Investigator, National Research Council Canada

Education: Ph.D in Plant Genetics and Breeding from the China Agricultural University; MSc in Plant Genetics and Breeding from Southern China Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: gardening, reading, hiking, traveling, and weiqi

Brief bio: I am a Research Officer and Principal Investigator of National Research Council Canada. I received MSc in plant genetics and breeding in 1994 and Ph.D in 2001. Between 2001 and 2002, I worked as a postdoctoral research scientist at the Dalhousie University. I have been with NRC since 2002 working in diverse areas of plant biology applying my  diverse  extensive expertise in plant molecular genetics, functional genomics, developmental biology and breeding, QTL and map-based cloning of genes in crop and model plant species including wheat, Brassica, corn, lentils and Arabidopsis. I have developed strong expertise in genomics especially in profiling gene expression and investigation of epigenetic mechanism during early phases of plant embryogenesis. My current research is focused on discovery and characterization of yield-component-trait (spike traits) genes and their applications in wheat improvement. My other ongoing research in canola and pulse crops is focused on gene functions regulating meristems and inflorescence architecture with application of forward and reverse genetics approaches (CRISPR and screen tilling lines) for improving the performance and productivity of these crops.

姓名: 向道权

现任职位: 加拿大国家科学院研究员, 项目负责人

教育经历:博士中国农业大作物遗传育种专业, 硕士毕业于华南农业大学作物遗传育种专业

兴趣爱好:园艺, 读书, 远足, 旅游, 围棋

科研经历简介:我目前就职于加拿大国家科学院, 任研究员, 项目负责人。1994年,我获得作物遗传育种专业硕士学位,并于2001年获得作物遗传育种专业博士学位。2001年至2002年,我在Dalhouse大学担任博士后研究员。自2002年以来,我就一直在加拿大国家科学院从事植物生物学研究。期间,我将我掌握的植物分子遗传学,功能基因组学,发育生物学和育种,以及QTL基因定位克隆方面的广泛专业知识运用到包括小麦,油菜,玉米,豌豆和拟南芥等多种作物和模式植物的研究之中。长期以来,我特别关注植物胚胎发生早期阶段的基因表达谱分析和表观遗传机制,以及小麦产量相关基因的研究和应用。同时,对于如何在油菜和豆类作物中利用基因编辑(CRISPR和化学诱变)来改变花序结构和提高产量也是我的主要关注点之一。