Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Zhi Li

Zhi Li, co-first author of Temporal regulation of metabolome and proteome in photosynthetic and photorespiratory pathways contributes to maize heterosis

Current Position: Postdoc in Dr. Z. Jeffrey Chen’s lab at The University of Texas at Austin

Education: Ph.D. from China Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: hiking, reading

Brief bio: During my PhD study in Dr. Jiansheng Li’s & Dr. Xiaohong Yang’s lab at China Agricultural University, I became interested in dissecting genetic architecture and evolution of maize flowering time and photoperiod sensitivity traits by using large-scale segregating and association populations. I’ve long been fascinated by maize heterosis. In a side project of PhD, I used genomic selection approach to predict the hybrid performance from marker data. After completing my PhD, I joined in Dr. Candice Hirsch’s lab at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and studied hybrid-by-environment interactions using phenotypic data from multi-environment trials as well as the contribution of PAV genes to maize heterosis. Shortly after, I moved on as a postdoc fellow in Dr. Z. Jeffrey Chen’s lab to expand my training in maize heterosis at the metabolomic, proteomic and epigenomic levels. In early January 2020, I took a short vacation in China. Unfortunately, I cannot return to the U.S. due to travel ban. With help of Dr. Chen, I completed the first submission of the manuscript while in China. During the revision, we were asked to validate enzyme activities of proteins in main physiological pathways built from diel metabolomic and proteomic datasets. I collaborated with Dr. Qingxin Song, a former postdoc in the Chen lab and now a professor at Nanjing Agricultural University, to complete these experiments. This experience has definitely shown positive aspects of international collaboration to advance science and to build a peaceful world. I hope to return to the U.S. after the travel ban is lifted.


姓名: 李知

目前所在职位: 博士后(得克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校,Z. Jeffrey Chen 教授实验室)

教育经历: 农学博士(中国农业大学)

个人爱好: 徒步,读书

个人简介: 我的博士课题是在中国农业大学国家玉米改良中心李建生教授和杨小红教授的指导下完成的,主要是利用多个分离群体以及关联群体解析玉米开花期和光周期反应性状的遗传结构和演化历程。我一直对玉米杂种优势形成的遗传和分子机理很感兴趣,读博期间的课题之一是利用全基因组选择模型预测玉米杂交种的表现。取得博士学位后,我进入明尼苏达大学双城分校的Candice Hirsch教授实验室从事博士后研究,主要课题一是利用玉米在多环境下的全株表型数据研究杂种优势与环境的互作效应;二是利用大规模的转录组数据研究玉米基因组中的单亲本表达基因和PAV基因对杂种优势的贡献。随后,我进入得克萨斯州大学奥斯汀分校,在Z. Jeffrey Chen教授的指导下整合利用多时间序列下的代谢组、蛋白组以及表观基因组数据继续从事玉米杂种优势机理的研究。2020年1月份,我回国短期休假,后来因为新冠疫情的影响至今无法返回美国继续科研工作。我回国期间,在Chen教授的倾力帮助下完成了本文的投稿以及后续的文章返修工作。本文返修所需要的酶活测定实验得到了南京农业大学宋庆鑫教授的大力支持和帮助(宋教授也曾在Chen教授实验室从事博士后工作)。这一插曲无疑展现了疫情期间国际合作对于推动科学发展的积极方面。希望疫情结束,世界和平,我也能重新开始玉米杂种优势的研究工作。