Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Yan Yan

Yan Yan, first author of MYB30 Is a Key Negative Regulator of Arabidopsis Photomorphogenic Development that Promotes PIF4 and PIF5 Protein Accumulation in the Light

Current Position: Post-doc, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Education: Ph.D. from China Agricultural University /College of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China; Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Agricultural University /College of Agro-Grassland Sciences, Nanjing, China

Non-scientific Interests: music, traveling, reading, raising cats

Brief bio:

After completing my undergraduate studies at Nanjing Agricultural University in 2014, I joined Dr. Jigang Li’s lab at China Agricultural University to pursue my PhD degree. Dr. Li’s lab is interested in light signaling and light control of plant responses to abiotic stresses, and my first project was to screen for new transcription factors that interacted with phytochromes. We identified that MYB30, an R2R3-MYB family transcription factor, interacts with phyA and phyB and plays an essential role in regulating phytochrome-PIF signaling networks. We revealed that MYB30 acts to promote PIF4 and PIF5 protein accumulation in the light by directly binding to their promoters to induce their expression, and by inhibiting the interaction of PIF4 and PIF5 with the active form of phyB. The role of MYB30 in phytochrome signaling is likely to maintain the homeostasis of PIF4 and PIF5 levels in plants and prevent an exaggerated response by plants to prolonged light exposure. I am now working as a post-doc in Dr. Xiaofeng Cao’s lab exploring how light and temperature shape the plant epigenome, and hope to make new exciting discoveries in the near future.