Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Xixi Zhang

Xixi Zhang, first author of Arabidopsis Flippases Cooperate with ARF GTPase Exchange Factors to Regulate the Trafficking and Polarity of PIN Auxin Transporters

Current Position: Predoctoral visiting scientist in Prof. Jiří Friml’s lab at Institute of Science and Technology, Austria (IST Austria); PhD candidate in the lab of Assoc. Prof. Christian Luschnig at BOKU University, Vienna

Education: MSc from the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS), Beijing, China. BSc from the College of Agriculture, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China

Non-scientific Interests: reading, cooking, singing, traveling, and exercising

Brief bio: When I was an undergraduate student, I was very much interested in plant science. I took the biology courses and acquired the biology knowledge; I also did internships in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and mastered the basic bio-techniques. After my graduation, I did my MSc in Prof. Yuxin Hu’s lab at the IBCAS and focused on deciphering the molecular mechanism underlying the callus formation in Arabidopsis. At one time during my MSc study, I thought that I should pursue my PhD degree abroad to broaden my horizons. Then after my MSc study, I joined in Prof. Jiří Friml’s lab at IST Austria for my PhD degree. I am working on the polarly distributed PIN auxin transporters that play crucial roles in a plethora of developmental processes in plants. I am trying to understand how the polarity of PIN proteins is established and maintained. One of my study showed that Arabidopsis flippases cooperate with ARF GTPase Exchange Factors to regulate the trafficking and polarity of PIN proteins. In the future, I will continue to identify more components involved in the PIN polarity establishment and maintenance.


职位:访问学者,奥地利科学与技术研究所,奥地利克洛斯特新堡,Jiří Friml 教授实验室;博士研究生,维也纳农业大学,奥地利维也纳,Christian Luschnig 副教授实验室。



简介:本科学习期间所学的生命科学相关课程,使我学习和掌握了大量生命科学基础知识;并对生命科学研究产生了浓厚的兴趣。2010 – 2011年,我分别进入中国科学院遗传与发育研究所和植物生理与生态研究所开展暑期实习;实习培训经历让我掌握了大量生物学研究的实验技术。本科毕业后,我进入中国科学院植物研究所攻读硕士学位并在胡玉欣研究员的指导下从事愈伤形成分子机制的研究。硕士毕业后,我有幸获得了国家留学基金委公派博士研究生项目资助,前往奥地利科学技术研究所Jiří Friml教授实验室开展拟南芥生长素极性运输载体PIN的极性建立的分子机制的研究。