Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Shauni McGregor

Shauni McGregor, co-first author of A PXY-Mediated Transcriptional Network Integrates Signaling Mechanisms to Control Vascular Development in Arabidopsis

Current Position: PhD student and the University of Sheffield

Education: BSc in Biological Sciences and MScR in developmental plant genetics from Durham University

Non-scientific Interests: music, baking, crafting, and sci-comm

Brief-bio: I am a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, supervised by Prof. Andrew Fleming and Prof. Julie Gray. The research published here includes work undertaken during my Masters project supervised by Dr Peter Etchells at Durham University. My project was to characterise a subset of genetic interactions to support network elements identified by Margot Smit in the Brady lab. Since graduating from my Masters, I moved from developmental biology to studying cell wall biology form my PhD and am interested in how cell wall structure affects stomatal function in grasses.