Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Peng-Fei Ma

Peng-Fei Ma, co-first author of The Pharus latifolius Genome Bridges the Gap of Early Grass Evolution

Current Position: Associate Professor at Germplasm Bank of Wild Species, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Education: Ph. D. from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: History

Brief bio: I started my academic career from studying the bamboos and received Ph. D. degree in Botany at 2012. Then I joined the Dr. De-Zhu Li’s lab at Kunming Institute of Botany. My research focused mainly on the origin and evolution of bamboos by firstly using plastid phylogenomics to build tree and then whole-genome sequencing to reveal the polyploidization history of woody bamboos. The basal grasses were previously placed in the bamboo subfamily and they hold key phylogenetic positions in the Tree of Life of grasses. Representing one of the basal grass lineages, the Pharus genome sheds light on the early evolution of grasses. Using basal grasses and bamboos as models, more insights into the origin and species diversification of grasses would be gained in future research.