Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Patrice Salomé

Patrice Salomé, first author of  Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Batch Chlamydomonas Cultures Reveals Heterogeneity in their Diurnal Cycle Phase


Co-Expression Networks in Chlamydomonas Reveal Significant Rhythmicity in Batch Cultures and Empower Gene Function Discovery

Current Position: Science Editor at the Plant Cell and Plant Editors

Education: PhD, Biology, Dartmouth College

Non-scientific Interests: desserts, biking, swimming, running, reading, hiking (I live in Los Angeles; it’s a thing).

Brief bio:  After trying to pursue an academic career, which took me to the US (East Coast), then to Germany, and then back to the US (left Coast), since early 2020 I am a science editor at the Plant Cell and with Plant Editors. I now work with authors to make their manuscripts sound and look their best before submission (Plant Editors) and after acceptance (Plant Cell). Although I would have loved to see where my research ideas would have taken me, I think that my impact on science will be far greater now (and this is the only time I will use the word “impact” in a sentence without physical contact).