Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Nicolas Doll

Nicolas Doll, first author of Transcriptomics at Maize Embryo/Endosperm Interfaces Identifies a Transcriptionally Distinct Endosperm Sub-domain Adjacent to the Embryo Scutellum

Current Position: Postdoctoral scientist at VIB, Gent (starting April 2020)


2020- : Post-doc at VIB, Gent, on “regulation of programmed cell death in plants”

2019-2020: Post-doc at ENS de Lyon, RDP lab, on “embryonic cuticle establishment in Arabidopsis thaliana”

2016-2019: PhD at ENS de Lyon, RDP lab, “insights on the embryo/endosperm interface in Zea Mays and Arabidopsis thaliana

2012-2016: Student at the ENS de Lyon. Master in Biosciences and in teaching biology and geology

2010-2012: Student at classe préparatoire Saint Geneviève in Versailles

Non-scientific Interests:  various sports (hiking, swimming, football, running…)

Brief bio: During my PhD and my short post-doc extension I studied several aspects of embryo/endosperm communication in the two model species Arabidopsis thaliana and Zea Mays. In Arabidopsis, I worked on the two apoplastic structures that separate the embryo from the endosperm: the embryonic cuticle and the embryo sheath. Concerning the cuticle, I contribute to describe the bidirectional peptide-mediated dialogue between the embryo and endosperm necessary for embryonic cuticle integrity monitoring (featured here in Plantae). For the embryo sheath, I showed that this glycoproteins-enriched structure is maintained on the seedling surface after germination and is involved in the cotyledon sliding out of the seed coats. In maize, in addition to what is presented in this article, I studied several genes encoding signalling elements that are expressed in the endosperm and potentially involved in the communication with the embryo. In few months, I will start a new post-doc at the VIB in Gent (Belgium) on the transcriptional regulation of programmed cell death, especially in maize kernel in Moritz Nowack group.