Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Jing Zhou

Jing Zhou, co-first author of SHORTROOT-Mediated Intercellular Signals Coordinate Phloem Development in Arabidopsis Roots

Current position: Scientist, Technology Development at Elo Life Systems

Education: Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Molecular Biology at Cornell University, M.Sc. in Biological Sciences at National University of Singapore

Non-scientific Interests: baking, painting, traveling

After graduation from Cornell, I joined Elo Life Systems as a Scientist. Currently, I am developing technologies to improve gene delivery and genome editing efficiency in multiple crops, with the mission of improving human health and wellness through food.  I found my background in developmental biology provide me with unique perspectives to solve many of the challenges. Before coming to the States, I studied for a M.S. degree in National University of Singapore. When not working at Elo I enjoy the challenge of making artisan cakes while having two little bakers in training helping around.