Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Hardy Rolletschek

Hardy Rolletschek, first author of Cellular plasticity in response to suppression of storage proteins in the Brassica napus embryo

Current Position: Project leader at the Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Research group “Assimilate Allocation and NMR”, Department of Molecular Genetics, Gatersleben/Germany

Education: tsudy of plant biology, PhD in Ecology, Humboldt University Berlin/Germany

Non-scientific Interests: travel, sailing, growing tomato plants

Brief bio: I have been working on plant physiology and biochemistry for 25+ years. Starting my scientific life in freshwater ecology, I analyzed the amazing feature of aquatic plants to live in anoxic soils. Thematically, I then moved on to crops and their seeds, studying seed filling and storage metabolism. It turned out that oxygen shortage is also a potential growth constraint for developing seeds and seedlings. Currently, I am working on understanding the mechanisms which influence seed storage metabolism in cereal and oilseed crops. I also work as lecturer at the Leibniz University in Hannover/Germany.