Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Hailun Liu

Hailun Liu, co-first author of EDS1-Interacting J Protein 1 (EIJ1) Is an Essential Negative Regulator of Plant Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Postdoc in South China Botanical Garden

Education: PhD from Nanjing Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: cooking, PUBG

Brief bio: For my PHD degree, my main work was about the insect resistance of soybeans. After that, I got the chance to join Prof. Xingliang Hou’s group in South China Botanical Garden and engaged in the research of molecular mechanism involved in plant disease resistance with Arabidopsis as a model plant. Over the period, as the main executive of the project, I found a chaperone protein (EIJ1) in response to pathogen infection, functions as an essential negative regulator of plant immunity. In the future, my research interest will continually focus on the related mechanism of plant disease resistance.


姓名: 刘海伦

目前所在职位: 博士后(中国科学院华南植物园,广州)

教育经历: 南京农业大学,博士

个人爱好: 烹饪、吃鸡