Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Fei Gao

Fei Gao, first author of The transcription factor bHLH121 interacts with bHLH105 (ILR3) and its closest homologues to regulate Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Ph.D. student in the lab of Dr. Christian Dubos at BPMP, INRA, CNRS, SupAgro, Univ Montpellier, Montpellier, France

Education: M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,Sichuan Agricultural University, China.  B.E. in Bioengineering,Sichuan Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests:  reading, travel

Brief bio: I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering in 2014, and my Master ’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2017 from Sichuan Agricultural University, China. During my Master’s, in the lab of Prof. Qi WU, I studied the transcriptional regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis in tartary buckwheat. Since I have been introduced to the field of the transcriptional regulation in plants, I have been a devoted fan. In 2017, I joined the lab of Dr. Christian DUBOS (BPMP, Univ Montpellier, CNRS, INRA, Montpellier SupAgro) in France as a Ph.D. student. My Ph.D. project mainly focus on the study of the transcription regulation of iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis. I am interested in using molecular biology, cytology, biochemistry, transcriptomic, genomic, and proteomic approaches to identify and characterize novel molecular actors involved in the control of the plant response to fluctuations in iron availability. In this study, we found that bHLH121 is a novel regulator of iron homeostasis that acts upstream from FIT in concert with ILR3 and its closest homologues.










本科毕业后,我有幸加入四川农业大学生命科学院吴琦课题组攻读硕士学位,开启了自己的科研生涯。硕士期间主要从事苦荞黄酮类化合物合成的转录调控机制的研究。因此对转录因子在植物中的功能产生了浓厚的兴趣。之后于2017年来到法国国家农业科学研究院(INRA,BPMP研究所),加入Christian Dubos 课题组攻读博士学位。博士期间,主要研究方向为植物铁平衡的转录调控机制的研究。我目前致力于结合分子生物学,细胞学,生物化学,转录组学,基因组学等多种方法进一步研究阐明bHLH等转录因子家族在铁平衡调控网络中的功能。此外,我对植物激素如赤霉素,水杨酸以及油菜素类固醇在铁平衡调控网络中的功能也具有浓厚的兴趣。