Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Fangming Wu

Fangming Wu, first author of Mediator Subunit MED25 Couples Alternative Splicing of JAZ Genes with Fine Tuning Jasmonate Signaling

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Education: Ph.D. in Beijing Normal University / National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China

Non-scientific Interests: traveling, movies

Brief bio: I received my Ph.D degree at the National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, and then joined the laboratory of Prof. Chuanyou Li to start my postdoctoral study at Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I have been focusing on the transcriptional regulation of jasmonate (JA) signaling pathway and JA-mediated plant defense responses.

In this project, we investigated the mechanistic function of MED25 in regulating Jas intron-dependent alternative splicing (AS) of JAZ gens. We found that JA-induced production of dominant JAZ splice variants depends on the functions of MYC2 and MED25. Using affinity purification and mass spectrometry, we found that PRE-mRNA-PROCESSING PROTEIN 39a (PRP39a) and PRP40a, two subunits of the evolutionarily conserved spliceosomal U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle (snRNP) involved in cotranscriptional AS, are components of MED25-MYC2 functional Complex (MMC). We demonstrated that MED25 controls JA-induced recruitment of PRP39a and PRP40a to JAZ loci to facilitate the full splicing of Jas intron. Therefore, the MED25-PRP39a/PRP40a module plays a critical role in preventing JAZ splice variants-mediated excessive desensitization of JA signaling. This study exemplifies how a Mediator subunit integrates the effects of general splicing factors into a specific signaling pathway to accurately control gene expression.

I am now an assistant Professor in Prof. Chuanyou Li’s lab. In future, I would focus on studying JA-mediated plant immunity to necrotrophic pathogens using tomato-Botrytis cinerea interaction as a model experimental system.







目前,我是李传友老师实验室的助理研究员,未来的工作将以番茄和灰霉病致病菌Botrytis cinerea的互作为模式研究茉莉酸介导的植物对腐生型病原菌的防御机制。