Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Fang Wang

Fang Wang, co-first author of Rice Circadian Clock Regulates Tiller Growth and Panicle Development Through Strigolactone Signaling and Sugar Sensing

Current Position: Ph.D. Nanjing Agriculture University

Education: Ph.D. and M.Sc. at Nanjing Agriculture University; B.S. at Shandong Agriculture University

Non-scientific Interests: music, movies, and running

Brief Bio: My research career has been rooted at Nanjing Agriculture University. During my M.S. study, I carried out research on elucidating the function of sterol carrier protein GhSCP2D in cotton fiber elongation under supervision of Prof. T. Zhang. During my Ph.D. research, I worked with Prof. Z. J. Chen and investigated the role of circadian clock in rice tiller growth and panicle development. In this study, I have discovered a circadian clock-mediated regulatory loop that integrates photosynthetic sugars and strigolactone pathway genes to regulate tiller-bud outgrowth and panicle development in rice. In the future, I would like to continue to explore how circadian clock integrates external signals with genetic pathways to control plant growth and development.