Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Cristina Martins Rodrigues

Cristina Martins Rodrigues, co-first author of Vernalization Alters Sink and Source Identities and Reverses Phloem Translocation from Taproots to Shoots in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)

Current position: Doctoral candidate in Prof. Neuhaus lab, Division of Plant Physiology, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Education: MSc in Microbial and Plant Biotechnology

Non-scientific interests: sewing, books, bouldering, travelling, listening to podcasts

Brief bio: Growing up in a small city surrounded by vineyards already raised my interest into plant biology quite early. The main changes since then are the organism and hopefully my state of knowledge. My real career as a plant physiologist started when I joined Prof. Neuhaus lab, where I learned a lot about plant-specific methods. I was lucky to have a smooth transition into my studies as a doctoral student, where I became part of the Betahiemis project. In the course of this project our lab is working in collaboration with two industrial and two university partners in order to understand the molecular basis of the cold response of sugar beet, which at best could sweeten our lives. Not only the communication with different – and each in its own way great – personalities but also the applicability of the science we conduct makes working in this consortium extremely pleasant. Unfortunately, my time as a doctoral student is coming to an end, so let´s see which adventures are still ahead of me.