Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Claudia Steglich


Claudia Steglich, first author of Inverse regulation of light harvesting and photoprotection is mediated by a 3′ end-derived sRNA in cyanobacteria

Current Position: Senior researcher, Laboratory of Genetics & Experimental Bioinformatics, Institute of Biology III, University of Freiburg, Germany

Education: Diploma in Biology and PhD in Genetics at Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

Non-scientific Interests: I like to travel and have visited many places including France, Spain, Canada, China, Kenya, Iceland and remote islands such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan and New Caledonia.

Brief bio: After getting my PhD I did a post-doc in the lab of Penny Chisholm at MIT working on light regulation and gene expression in tiny Prochlorococcus. Intrigued by the impact photosynthesis in cyanobacteria has on the biosphere of the planet, I decided to focus my research on the regulation of gene expression through small RNAs and on the question how cyanophages and cyanobacterial cells interact. I was happy to participate in workshops on these topics in Roscoff, France, and in Eilat at the Red Sea and to perform several research trips to the lab of Debbie Lindell in Haifa, Israel. In the current work, I contributed to the functional characterization of ApcZ, the regulatory sRNA generated from the end of the allophycocyanin operon that leads to the inverse relation in the expression of phycobilisome genes and the Orange Carotenoid Protein under different environmental conditions.