Rahul Bose: Plant Direct First Author

Rahul Bose, first author of “The rolB -transgenic Nicotiana tabacum plants exhibit upregulated ARF7 and ARF19 gene expression”

Education – B.Sc.(First Class, 2010)  with Honours in Microbiology, University of Calcutta , M.Sc. in Genetics (First Class, First postion/Gold Medal, 2012), University of Calcutta.

Non-Scientific interests –  Reading Detective Fiction,  Chess,  memeologist, animal conservation.

Brief Bio : I was awarded CSIR (GOI) predoctoral fellowship in the Department of Genetics, University of Calcutta. As a doctoral student, I worked on studying possible impact of rolB on plant transcriptional networks by identifying auxin responsive transcription factors (ARFs) using functional genomics and bioinformatics approaches. The post embryonic organ development in plants and rolB’s ability to induce developmental reprogramming were two fascinating aspects that attracted me immensely. I was exposed to and utilized multiple techniques and tools, both at University of Calcutta (Department of Genetics and Department of Botany) as well as at Bose Institute, to explore rolB’s mechanism of action in ectopic organ development and developmental reprogramming. I am due to submit my Ph.D thesis under University of Calcutta shortly. My current research interests include application of advanced in-silico and statistical methods including AI to solve biological problems.