Radosław Mazur: Plant Physiology First Author

Radosław Mazur, first author of “The SnRK2.10 kinase mitigates the adverse effects of salinity by protecting photosynthetic machinery”

Current Position:

assistant professor in the research group studying the structural and molecular basis of chloroplast function in the Department of Metabolic Regulation, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland

Education: MSc and Ph.D. at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

Non-scientific Interests: figure skating

Brief bio:

From my undergraduate studies, I have been associated with the University of Warsaw. My scientific interest focus on chloroplast and photosynthesis. In particular, I am interested in studying the relationship between the organization of chlorophyll-protein complexes and the spatial structure of the thylakoids membrane system in optimal and stress conditions. In my research, I use a wide range of methods including my favorite fluorescence techniques – confocal microscopy and Pulse-Amplitude-Modulation fluorometry. I am also a member of the General Committee of the Polish Biology Olympiad which organizes a competition in biological knowledge for high school students.