Qiang Wei: Plant Physiology First Author

Qiang Wei, first author of “Kinase regulators evolved into two families by gain and loss of ability to bind plant steroid receptors”

Current position: Research Assistant at the College of life sciences of Shaanxi Normal University

Education: PhD in Plant Biology, Shaan xi Normal University, China

Non-scientific interests: Reading and Music.

Brief bio:

I completed my doctoral dissertation under the supervision of professor Wu at Shaanxi Normal University. My Ph.D. research focuses on elucidating the underlying evolutionary mechanisms of allosteric regulation of Brassinosteroids (BRs) receptor-like kinases. Interestingly, we found that the BR receptors gradually increased the kinase function during evolution, including an increase of kinase activity and an acquisition of a new interaction partner, BKI1. BKI1 inhibits BRI1 signaling in plants. In Arabidopsis, BKI1 has six additional homologs named MAKRs. They play important roles in regulating the function of receptor kinases. However, the functional evolution of the BKI1/MAKRs is poorly understood. In this paper, our study reveals the underlying evolutionary mechanism of the BKI1 and MAKR families, adding insights to understanding the regulation and evolution of receptor-like kinases.


论文:Kinase regulators evolved into two families by gain and loss of ability to bind plant steroid receptors