Philippe Fuchs: The Plant Cell First Author

Philippe Fuchs, first author of “Reductive stress triggers ANAC017-mediated retrograde signaling to safeguard the endoplasmic reticulum by boosting mitochondrial respiratory capacity” 

Current Position: Regulatory and Area Manager, Andermatt Group AG, Grossdietwil, Switzerland

Education: PhD in Biology at University of Bonn, Germany. Thesis supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Schwarzländer

Non-scientific Interests: Vegetable farming, Hiking, Nature, Sommer and Winter Mountain Sports.

Brief bio: Understanding how plants operate has fascinated me all my life. Appreciating the agronomic potential of plants during my vocational training as a vegetable farmer, it was during my subsequent scientific career where I had the privilege to experience the wonderfully sophisticated mechanisms by which plants operate at the molecular level. How plants mediate, and control energy conversion has captivated me in particular. Joining the Plant Energy Biology lab headed by Markus Schwarzländer allowed me to pursue this fascination and to share it with a fantastic team. After continuing in the same research area as a postdoc in at the Universities of Bonn and Münster, Germany, I entered the highly dynamic biocontrol industry by joining the Andermatt Group in Switzerland. In my function as regulatory and area manager, I am leveraging my agronomic practice background together with my expertise in plant physiology to engage in the groups mission to establish and provide sustainable crop protection solutions at an international level.