Peng Wang: The Plant Cell First Author

Peng Wang, co-first author of “Structural basis and evolution of the photosystem I–light-harvesting supercomplex of cryptophyte algae”

Current positionAssociate professor, College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China, China

EducationPh.D (2017), School of Life Sciences, Shandong University.

Non-scientific interestsPuzzle games and traveling

Brief bioSince graduate school, I have been working in Yu-zhong Zhang’s lab on how marine microorganisms affect marine energy conversion and material cycles. Marine microorganisms play a crucial role in both material synthesis and metabolism. The unique life processes exhibited by marine microorganisms in driving the marine biogeochemical cycle are fascinating. In the beginning, I focused on the catabolism of marine sulfur/nitrogen organic matter and its ecological impact. Recently, I have also taken up the study of solar energy capture and anabolism. I am pleased to continue my work and make progress in this area.