Pasquale Luca Curci: Plant Physiology First Author

Pasquale Luca Curci, first author of “Identification of new growth regulators using cross-species network analysis in plants” 

Current Position: Researcher at Institute of Biosciences and BioResources (IBBR), National Research Council (CNR), Italy

Education: Postdoc at VIB Center for Plant Systems Biology, Ghent, Belgium. PhD in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

Non-scientific Interests: tennis, traditional foods, live music, romance languages

Brief bio: I am a plant computational biologist with background in molecular biology. Born and raised in Puglia, Italy, during my education I developed a strong interest for bioinformatic approaches for the analysis, integration and interpretation of multi-omic data in plants, also by transferring biological information from model species to crops. My current research is centered on understanding the genetic basis of agronomic and quality traits to accelerate plant breeding