Marco Incarbone: The Plant Cell First Author

Marco Incarbone, first author of “Immunocapture of dsRNA-bound proteins provides insight into Tobacco rattle virus replication complexes and reveals Arabidopsis DRB2 to be a wide-spectrum antiviral effecto”

Current Position: Lise Meitner postdoctoral fellow at Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna

Education: Master’s in plant biotechnology (Torino, Italy), PhD in molecular plant virology (Strasbourg, France)

Non-scientific interests: playing music, being with people, being outdoors, learning about historical topics, listening to podcasts by people who understand things better than me

Brief bio: I grew up in Italy in a mixed Italian/Canadian family. I worked several jobs during and after university, before starting my PhD in France. A little more than a year after finishing my PhD I moved to Vienna as a postdoc in the Mittelsten Scheid lab. I have a strong interest in virology and everything virus, with my specialities being experimental plant virology and molecular biology. Antiviral RNA interference and its suppression by viruses have always piqued my interest. I am currently investigating the molecular basis behind the exclusion of many plant viruses from their host’s stem cells and progeny, a phenomenon of great biological significance that remains, in my opinion, under-studied. As my main focus is dissecting molecular mechanisms in vivo, I mostly work with model species Arabidopsis thaliana. Finally, I am a strong believer in scientific collaboration and the merging of different outlooks and specializations to produce better science.