Manuel Balparda: Plant Physiology First Author

Manuel Balparda, first author of “Two plant glyoxalase systems with different evolutionary origins detoxify diverse reactive carbonyl species”

Current Position: Post-Doc

Education: Ph.D. in Biology, National University of Rosario, Argentina

Non-scientific Interests: Sports, traveling, reading books, and Football

Brief bio: As part of my master’s thesis, I studied C4 metabolism in tomato and tobacco plants under the supervision of Dr. Gabriela Müller and Dr. Fabiana Drincovich (National University of Rosario, Argentina). Later, I started my PhD research on iron metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana in collaboration with Dr. Diego Gómez-Casati (National University of Rosario, Argentina). After finishing my PhD in 2019, I joined Veronica Maurino’s group in 2020 to start my post-doctoral studies. There, I began my adventure with reactive carbonyl species (RCS) and how plants use mechanisms to reduce the damage they cause.